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Easy Peasy Birdfood Cake Variety Pack

Was: £12.00
Now: £9.95
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Jacobi Jayne's New Easy Peasy Bird Food Cakes are a convenient way to feed an excellent source of easy to digest, nutritious energy to your visiting wild birds during the cold winter and important breeding seasons. 

These 3 x high quality suet cakes are supplied in a 100% compostable pot and designed with a pop up hanger which means these tasty suet treats are easy to hang up in your garden, and once finished with - the hanger can simply be recycled. 

With 3 equally nutritious suet flavours, these 320g bird suet cakes will soon be a big hit in your garden!

Variety Pack features one of each flavour:

Happy Go Nutty - with peck-sized peanut pieces and seeds.

More the Berrier - with dried cranberries and blueberries.

Lovely Buggly - with dried insects, seeds and nuts.