ECO seed cake kit

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Bird cake kit

Having a fat ball/bird cake feeder is a great way of attracting birds to your garden and ensures birds in your area remain fit and healthy.
The ashortwalk bird cake kit contains a cake mould to hold the bird cake in place whilst the bird feed.
The kit also contains enough suet and bird seed for you to create your first batch of cakes.
After that, have fun creating and testing your own bird cakes!
Made from recycled yoghurt pots, this is the perfect gift for any environmentally conscious gardener and bird enthusiast.
Includes instructions and recipes.

The kit includes:

  • Suet and Seed mix ( in one single bag not in two separate bags as shown in product image)
  • Recipes/ Instructions
  • A guide to which seeds attract which birds and a unique cake mould/ feeder.

Designed & Manufactured in the UK.

Made from 10 Recycled Yoghurt Pots

This bird cake kit is the perfect eco-friendly gift idea for any green minded gardener!

Size: 8 cm

Weight: approx. 50 grams

Colour: Blue

Made from: Recycled Yoghurt Pots

Comes: Boxed



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