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Goldfinch Compact Mirror

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Key Features
High Quality silver coloured compact mirror
Comes in a stylish presentation box
Measuring 56mm in diameter
Standard mirror on one side and magnifying mirror on the other
Featuring Robert E Fuller's fabulous artwork
Handbag sized

About the Product: Robert E Fuller has produced a stunning range of gifts featuring his fabulous illustrations. This delightful compact mirror shows the popular goldfinch on thistle design and is the perfect size for your handbag. The compact comes in a stylish presentation box with the image of the goldfinch shown. This would make a wonderful gift at any time of year. 

This compact has a high quality silver rim and has two mirrors on the inside, one a standard mirror and the other a magnifying mirror. The quality of the printing is exceptional and every detail of Robert Fuller's paintings have been faithfully reproduced on the inset.