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Little Book of The Dawn Chorus

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Celebrate the best of our beautiful morning symphony with this gorgeous little book highlighting 12 of our best known choristers.

A perfect addition to your activities for International Dawn Chorus Day (first Sunday in May each year)

26 board pages with sounds of each bird activated by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Battery (button cell) powered, batteries included.

Why not collect the whole set?

Little book of Garden Bird Songs


Little book of Woodland Bird Songs


"The Little Book of the Dawn Chorus (Fine Feather Press), by Andrea Pinnington and Caz Buckingham, is a sound book of genuine charm, whose attractiveness persists well beyond the novelty of pushing the buttons.
From the little-bit-of-bread-and-no-cheese of the yellowhammer's call to the coo, coo-oo, cook of the collared dove, the members of the chorus are lovingly counted off, with their Latin names, the times before sunrise at which they sing and enticing titbits of trivia such as the fact that a starling can imitate a chainsaw offered up against a background of crisp, vivid bird photography.
This sweet-voiced introduction to a true quotidian miracle will make twitchers of listeners young or old; it may also prompt the purchase of sister volumes, chronicling the songs of garden and woodland birds."
--The Times Literary Supplement