Make a Pizza for the Birds Kit

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Make a Pizza for the Birds Kit

Fancy yourself as a budding ornithologist?

Entice your feathered friends to come closer by providing a delicious dining experience that is just perfect for pecking.

Our reusable Make a Pizza for the Birds Kit is a simple, fun and brilliant way to coax nature even nearer…

This Kit contains fresh bird food including peanuts. These are not safe for human consumption. Store this kit in a cool and dry place, away from pests.

 Included in the kit...

 2 reusable wooden pizza bases

Reusable round ‘pizza bases’ cut from ash.

 3 refillable hessian sacks

13cm tall hessian bags with drawstring.

 3 lots of birdfood

Mixed bird seed including peanuts and sunflower seeds.

 9 bird identification and information cards

Illustrated bird identification and information cards.