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SBS Waxwing Christmas Cards 2019

Was: £6.50
Now: £4.00
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Waxwing SongBird Survival Charity Christmas Cards

Each pack of Christmas cards contains 10 cards, folded on the left hand side with matching envelopes. 

The message inside the cards reads: With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year 

Wording on the reverse of the card reads :

Waxwing – Unmistakable in its plumage and colours, the waxwing gets its name from the red wax-like tips on some of its wing tips. It is a winter visitor to the UK, with hugely fluctuating numbers depending on the weather and food supply in its breeding ground in Northern and Eastern Europe. Waxwings eat around 800-1000 berries a day, and can often be seen in supermarket carparks where ornamental berry trees and shrubs are planted.

Size: approx 127mm x 179mm (5" x 7")


Each pack of SBS Christmas cards sold adds an additional £2 to our vital research fund, so we can continue to help save our much-loved songbirds