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The Official™ Woodcrete Nestbox

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The Official™ Woodcrete Nestbox by Schwegler

Made in a super-tough blend of wood fibre, clay and cement, giving excellent insulation and defeating predators.

• Protects against winter winds and sweltering summer heat as well as keeping birds, eggs and nestlings safe from predators
• Needs no maintenance – just fit and forget
• Front panel slides out for inspection and cleaning
• High strength wire hanger

Different size entrance hole widths have been created to avoid competition between the birds.  

Entrance hole 32mm:
Occupants: Great, Blue, Marsh, Coal and Crested Tits, Redstarts, Nuthatches, Collard and Pied Flycatchers, Wrynecks, Tree and House Sparrows, Bats.

Entrance hole 26mm:
Occupants: Blue, Marsh, Coal and Crested Tits. All other species are prevented from using the nest box due to this smaller entrance hole.

Why choose Woodcrete?

• The world’s all-time Number One quality nest box – over 8 million sold
• Industry-leading occupation rates - ideal for small hole nesting birds
• Consistently recommended by wildlife professionals
• Virtually indestructible: performs flawlessly for decades
• Unbeatable 25 year guarantee against rot, weather and natural damage


Dimensions: 260H x 170W x 180D mm. (10" x 7" x 7")

Weight: 3.6kg

Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-Concrete Nest Box. Hanger: steel, galvanised.