Triple Action Bird Biome

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The Triple Action Bird Box is the most versatile bird box you can buy for your garden birds

You can also FLIP IT and PAINT IT to make it truly unique!

Option 1 It may be used as a small bird nestbox with the 32 mm hole protector in place. This will attract small hole nesting species such as blue tits or great tits.
Option 2 Remove the top panel to use as an open-fronted nestbox for birds such as robins and wrens.
Option 3 Out of nesting season the nestbox may be converted to a feeder by the removal of an extra front panel.
Option 4 Flip it! Reverse the sections to create a jazzy stripe!
Option 5 Paint it! Why not decorate with your own design?

We recommend that for nesting, that the box is cleaned out and moved away from the feeding area and hung beween 1.5 and 2.5m high surrounded by foliage. At the end of nesting season the box can be brought back to your feeding area.

Instructions for use are included on the reverse of the decorative product wrap.
Made from FSC certified timber, complete with stainless steel hole protector and hanging loop at rear.

Dimensions H 235mm x W 130mm x D 170mm

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