Worlds Best Bird Songs

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Includes App with Songs and Calls of 70 Iconic Species

By Hannu Jännes

Listening to bird song gives a huge amount of pleasure to people all around the world, but which species are the most melodious and produce the best songs? Expert sound-recordist and bird tour guide Hannu Jännes has travelled the world in search of birds and is uniquely qualified to decide.

This beautifully illustrated and very useful book and accompanying App brings together 70 of the most remarkable species from around the world. Each has at least one photograph, along with descriptions of key ID features, habitat and distribution, as well as details of the songs and calls which can be heard on the corresponding audio track. The App incorporates hundreds of recordings of bird sounds, which have been accumulated over a period of many decades. It can be downloaded onto Apple or Android devices and the songs played simply by scanning the 70 barcodes in the book.

Species covered include the melodious high-quality tunes of the Common Nightingale and Wood Thrush, the splendid mimicry of the Northern Mockingbird and Superb Lyrebird, the far-carrying ‘boom’ of the Eurasian Bittern, and the quirky 'popping' of the Black-bellied Bustard, to mention just a few. In short this title will be an essential addition to the bookshelves and phones of birdwatchers of all levels, and it will provide the perfect inspiration for readers to get out of bed early for the next dawn chorus!

Hannu Jännes is an expert ornithologist and bird tour leader. He is based in Finland and has recorded bird songs and calls in many countries around the world over a period spanning decades, building up a huge sound library in the process.